Below are a few commonly asked questions with answers.

• When and where does CUTB meet?

We meet at under the Crosstown Boulevard Bridge near the corner of S. Virginia Ave and W Reno Ave.
We begin setting up at 2:30 PM.
You can park in the HIS Paint Manufacturing parking lot @ 1801 W Reno Ave.

• How long are CUTB services?

Services start at 3PM and usually end between 4-5PM.

• What about inclement weather?

We serve rain or shine! Tornados and blizzards with unsafe road conditions are our only reasons for not having service.
The Volunteer church will be notified if services are being canceled.

• What does CUTB supply?

We bring tables, chairs, sound system, and a generator.

• What does our group need to bring on our day to serve?

Each group is asked to provide a worship service and a "prepared Word", enough food for those we serve, drinks, and serving items (plates, cups, plastic ware, etc.)
With advanced notice we can provide the worship and/or message if your group is unable.

• How many people are fed each week?

The number of people we serve is always growing. However, the number changes each week and each season depending on the weather. Currently we tell people to expect up to 300 people.

• Where does my group park?

You can part in the HIS Paint Manufacturing parking lot @ 1801 W Reno Ave.

• Can we bring young children?

Absolutely!! We encourage young people coming out! We do ask that each parent be responsible for their own children and that boundaries and conduct be closely monitored to ensure safety and not disrupt services.

• What if the crowd is not listening to the message?

This is a very real possibility with our crowd. It is not uncommon for people to come and go during services. Do not be discouraged if it "appears” as if the crowd is not listening, someone is! If we reach only one person during our service, we consider that a success.

• What if there is a scuffle in the crowd?

Immediately contact someone on the leadership team.

• What kind of clothes donations do you take?

We take donations of seasonal gently used adult clothes and shoes.